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Sound clips from 40 Year Old Virgin

Some of the WAV sound files contained on ReelWavs.com are compressed using MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) for faster download times. Download Winamp or Windows Media Player if you have any problems playing them.

Still working on the descriptions (dialogue) for all the sound clips. I decided to go ahead and upload the sounds for downloading in the meantime. If you know the movie you can figure out what each clip is about by reading the sound file name.

michaelmcdonald.wav michaelmcdonald.mp3

titties.wav titties.mp3

sexstory.wav sexstory.mp3

nailingher.wav nailingher.mp3

hebrewschool.wav hebrewschool.mp3

jail.wav jail.mp3

upyourasses.wav upyourasses.mp3

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comebacks.wav comebacks.mp3

buttholepleasures.wav buttholepleasures.mp3

kickinthenuts.wav kickinthenuts.mp3

smokemypole.wav smokemypole.mp3

respectwomen.wav respectwomen.mp3

takearisk.wav takearisk.mp3

thatsjustlove.wav thatsjustlove.mp3

oralsex.wav oralsex.mp3

waxing.wav waxing.mp3

[the best part of the waxing scene]

bigboxofporn.wav bigboxofporn.mp3

bigboxofporn2.wav bigboxofporn2.mp3

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