Flash Gordon

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Sound clips from Flash Gordon

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turnon.mp3 (22K)
Flash Gordon (Sam Jones): Oh my God, this girl's really turning me on.

crazy.mp3 (10K)
Flash Gordon: You're crazy.

flyingblind.mp3 (143K)
Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon to Vultan. Do you read me? Mayday! Mayday!
Prince Vultan (Brian Blessed): This is Vultan, I read you. Where are you?
Flash Gordon: Flying blind on a rocket cycle.
Vultan: Flying blind on a rocket cycle!?

secondchance.mp3 (68K)
Vultan: My thanks to you.
Flash Gordon: Yeah, what for?
Vultan: Well, for giving a dumb old bird a second chance!

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liveforever.mp3 (79K)
Vultan: Ah well, who wants to live forever? DIVE!

dive.mp3 (24K)
Vultan: DIVE!

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