Gangs of New York

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Sound clips from Gangs of New York

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cunnyjuice.mp3 (12K)
William Cutting, a.k.a "Bill The Butcher" (Daniel Day-Lewis): Is your mouth all glued up with cunny juice? I asked you a question.

goodandall.mp3 (108K)
William Cutting: ON MY CHALLENGE! By the ancient laws of combat we are met at this chosen ground to settle for GOOD AND ALL who holds sway over the five points! Us natives born RIGHT WISE to this fine land or the foreign hordes defiling it!

cutdown.mp3 (71K)
Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson): By the ancient laws of combat I accept the challenge of the so called natives. You plague our people at every turn, but from this day out you shall plague us no more. For let it be known that the hand that tries to strike us from this land shall be swiftly cut down!

guidemyhand.mp3 (23K)

truelord.mp3 (8K)

blood.mp3 (18K)
Priest Vallon: No son! Never. The blood stays on the blade.

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stunnedandpoorly.mp3 (6K)
Jenny Everdeane (Cameron Diaz): You look stunned and poorly sir.

deepthinkers.mp3 (31K)
Jenny Everdeane: Quite a pair of conversationists aren't ya?
Amsterdam Vallon (Leonardo DiCaprio): Maybe not, but we're deep thinkers.

graceandfavor.mp3 (10K)
Jenny Everdeane: I leave you in the grace and favor of the Lord.

stargazer.mp3 (10K)
Amsterdam Vallon: She is a prim lookin' star gazer!

pigs.mp3 (70K)
William Cutting: You get to know a lot butchering meat. We're made up of the same things -flesh and blood, tissue, organs. I love to work with pigs. The nearest thing in nature to the flesh of a man is the flesh of a pig.

kill.mp3 (66K)
William Cutting: This is the liver. The kidneys. The heart. This is a wound. The stomach will bleed and bleed. This is a KILL! This is a KILL! Main artery. This is a kill.

murderousrage.mp3 (26K)
William Cutting: You got a murderous rage in you and I like it. No, it's life boiling up inside of you. It's good.

fist.mp3 (49K)
William Cutting: Each of the five points is a finger. When I close my hand it becomes a fist. And anytime that I wish I can turn it against you.

challenge.mp3 (18K)
Amsterdam Vallon: Challenge.
William Cutting: Challenge accepted.

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