3 Best Movies Based On Video Games

There is nothing more challenging in Hollywood than making a decent video game movie. Most of them fail badly, and if you expect anything different, you are to be blamed for your disappointment. And we’re not talking about movies based on games such as online bingo since nobody would be interested in such a movie, maybe just in reading the best online bingo guide; we are talking about video games that have real potential. In all the years since releasing the first video game-based movie Super Mario Bros, only a few have been dependable box office earners. Here is the definitive list of the best video game movies, ranking from watchable to genuinely good.

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

When Assassin’s Creed got released, it felt like it was the first time video game movies had stepped into the spotlight. The movie follows a somewhat parallel story to the original game, with minor alterations of the original characters. Nevertheless, it’s fun and intriguing to watch, particularly the fighting scenes. Good action scenes combined with exceptional cinematography and excellent CGI effects have allowed for a thrilling ride.

Assassin’s Creed doesn’t lack star power as Michael Fassbender had a solid performance playing Aguilar, and Marion Cotillard was a welcome addition. Despite some fans being disappointed, we think that the movie has real legitimacy. We won’t go so far as to deem it one of the better movies of 2016, but it soars higher than you might think.

Warcraft (2016)

Warcraft, Blizzard’s jewel crown, was the highest grossing video-game adaptation of all time, making more than $420 million. Although not many people had high expectations of the movie, it really broke the video game movie adaptation “curse” with style. Warcraft is an astonishing movie with groundbreaking visuals and sharply written story. The acting is spotless and the action sequences were remarkable, which creates incredible emotional engagement between the viewers and the movie.

The cooperation between Duncan Jones and Blizzard was a winning combination that’s evident throughout the movie. Pace, acting, CGI – everything was on point. The investors chucked in a massive budget, but it has paid off. Warcraft has the potential to be the new Lord of The Rings and it’s a must watch movie for the fans of fantasy.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

If you ignore the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal plays a Persian dude, what’s left is a movie that is surprisingly passable video game movie effort. One of the main strengths going into this movie was a very engaging story, an entirely new addition to the Prince of Persia storyline. The involvement of the movie director, Jordan Mechner, was a game changer. He created his own story and added elements of the original one, but didn’t strictly follow it.

There is a good chemistry between the main characters and Jake Gyllenhaal’s charisma carries the viewers on a fantastic ride. However, the dialogues are simple with a fair amount of humor. Prince of Persia is a refreshingly well-executed film of its genre with good action and exceptional special effects. Overall, it is a wholesome fun movie, definitely worth watching.

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