Best Sports Movies Ever Made

Behind every great sports movie is usually a great drama story. In the arena of sports movies, a lot of inspirational stories can be told, from the underdog team that wins the championship game against all odds to metaphors of the little guy taking on grown-up kids and beating them at their own game. Some great sports movies are all about team spirit and tell a story of the power of riding together as a selfless team. These movies can make us cry, cheer, laugh or even think about renewing the gym membership. They can also get us interested in a sport we didn’t know we enjoyed watching or even betting on with the help of popular betting sites such as  Whether you enjoy watching, playing or betting on sports, here’s our list of the best sports movies that have ever been made: 

Rocky (1976)

Many people are under a false impression that Rocky is just a regular boxing movie, and who could blame them; especially when you see a half-naked Stallone wearing boxing gloves on the cover photo. However, Rocky is much more than that. It is a portrayal of a man that fought through many struggles in his life but kept his heart nonetheless. It’s about a man with a dream, trying to keep his moral and ethics regardless of the hardships.

A great portion of the movie is actually devoted to the love story of Rocky and Adrien as she plays the second part of his dreams; the one slightly more attainable. Another theme in the movie is about the bond between Rocky and his trainer/manager, Mickey. The story follows Rocky’ s pursue to greatness and depicts on how he was able to exceed all expectations. Overall, touching and timeless movie, and a must-see movie for every sports fan.

Raging Bull (1980)

Raging Bull is an essential masterpiece and another triumph by director Martin Scorsese. Many consider it not only a great sports movie, but also one of the greatest movies of all time. The movie gets better and better with each viewing, and it’s no wonder that Scorsese has been regarded as the greatest filmmaker in the last three decades.

Cinematic classics don’t get much better than this as it’s masterfully crafted in all possible categories. Based on a true story, Robert De Niro plays Jake LaMotta, a middleweight fighter from the late 1940s, with an uncontrollable temper and bad decision-making that lead him on a self-destruct path. De Niro won his second Oscar for the movie and it was deservedly so. His impeccable acting performance throughout the movie was stunning. Hands down, Raging Bull is just close to perfection as it gets.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Million Dollar Baby is a flawlessly written, acted, and directed boxing movie put together by a masterful storyteller Clint Eastwood. He managed to incept a raw emotion into the art of boxing and to create a poignant, thoughtful, and enduring story. Hilary Swank won an academy award for portraying Maggie Fitzgerald, and showed once again her incredible acting abilities.

The movie is quite incredible, and the more you watch it, the more layers you find in it. Clint made a touching and realistic story, one that is without final redemption. He brings a fresh eye and an entirely unique approach to both the setting and the characterizations, re-inventing this whole sub-genre in the process. Million Dollar Baby is a 2004 movie, also known for its rich texture and vivid realization, and stands for one of the best cinema pieces of the 2000s decade.

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