These Are the Best Athletes Turned Actors!

We like popular culture. We follow it closely, sometimes on a daily basis. Popular culture can play a large role in our lives, whether we want it or not. Popular culture influences society and that has an impact on us, direct or indirect. Popular culture was developing side by side with the internet, and both gave birth to some new things.

We get in touch with the world by using the internet, and some people use it to have fun in different ways. Online sports betting is one of those ways and people bet with various sportsbooks, some bet with betway, others with another bookie.

Among the many trends we have perceived in popular culture, we have seen plenty of athletes who have become actors and have even become superstars, in a way.

Here are the top athletes turned actors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s pretty hard to make a list of athletes turned actors and not mention the one and only, the Terminator. He has had a very successful career in bodybuilding, professional, of course, winning 7 Mr. Olympias, 6 of which were consecutive, from 1970 until 1975. His last was in 1980, when he was already transitioning into a full-time actor job, starring in various action movies like Conan the Barbarian, and later the Terminator, the role which made Arnold’s career explode.

He became quite the actor, known for his one-liners and many interesting scenes which depict a peak physique in bodybuilding.

Having had an interesting career in bodybuilding and acting, Arnold became a politician for a while, the governor of California, before transitioning back to acting.

Carl Weathers

Apollo Creed or rather, Carl Weathers, is a great actor, who was once an athlete. Everyone remembers the Rocky movies, not to mention the Predator movie, also starring Arnold, which made Carl Weathers’ career explode.

Weathers was a football player, a defensive end in college. He started his professional career in 1970 and was a lineback. He played for 4 years, up to 1974 and retired from football to pursue an acting career. He played 8 games in the NFL and recorded no stats. His acting career was much better, of course, with movies like the Rocky series, Predator and Action Jackson.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is also known as The Rock, who played football as a defensive tackle. His football career never went professional, but what he did upon finishing college was get into professional wrestling. At the time, he was known as The Rock, which is what everyone calls him nowadays.

His career in pro wrestling was very successful, netting him enough fame to start pursuing other careers.

While still wrestling, he started his acting career, with Star Trek: Voyager, moving on to movies from 2000 and onwards, such as The Mummy Return, Scorpion King and so on.

His career exploded in the 2010s, with movies such as the Fast and the Furious franchise, namely Fast Five, as well as GI Joe.

There are plenty of athletes who turned actors and these are some of the more notable ones.

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