Best Animated Movies of All Time

With the help of technological advances and the development of computer animations, cartoons have become the top-grossing movies in Hollywood today. The target audience of these movies is not just kids anymore as studios put a lot of effort into ensuring that cartoons are enjoyed by adults, too. Although Disney/Pixar has set the bar high, they are not the only animation powerhouse around. Here is the list of animated movies really worth watching.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Wreck-It Ralph is a wonderful cinematic experience and probably the best-animated movie of 2012. Disney has been known to make great movies, but only a few can match the originality of Wreck-It Ralph. The director and the animator crew really put their heart and souls into making this movie with their outstanding special effects and a sharp plot line laced with funny humor.

The animations are simply breathtaking; vivid colors, the environment, the characters, they all look spectacular. All the elements of the movie were very well thought out – the storyline, character development, overall plot, and most importantly, how they managed to blend these pieces into a great movie. The movie is one of the better Disney’s works and it should be on everyone’s watchlist.

Incredibles (2004)

Pixar has really managed to outdo themselves with this one. Incredibles is an incredible story stupendously scripted and wonderfully rounded with the most amazing animation effects you have ever seen. It’s a movie that takes on a very familiar type of society and magnificently transforms it to a computer-animated landscape. The studio should give Brad Bird credit where credit is due as he has shown that he can transcend the genre and make it appealing for almost every age.

The Incredibles conveys an often overlooked message about how the society is heading towards embracing mediocrity, and how intelligent people are held back because they might hurt dim-witted kids’ feelings, making them aware there is someone better than them. The movie is a greatly bundled pack of entertaining, joyous and enlightening moments.

Ratatouille (2007)

When you see that Brad Bird is directing an animated movie, you better watch it. Ratatouille is a real piece of artwork and a movie that managed to redefine the technical creativity of computer animated movies. The movie has mind-blowing visuals that created a vividly imagined world with a unique style. It’s a visual masterpiece of the highest order with attention to every single technical detail there is.

The voice acting and humor in the movie was spot on. The storyline is multilayered and complex, yet plausible to kids of all ages. The viewers may find some parts of the story predictable, but there are a lot of plot twists and unexpected events throughout the movie. Although the story pace is odd at times, it’s a very forgivable grievance. Overall, Ratatouille is pure brilliance and highly recommendable for all audiences.

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