5 Reasons For Why the Cinema Is Worth Visiting

What happened to going to the cinema on a date, or hanging out with your friends while taking in the atmosphere of the movie? Unfortunately, the movie-theater industry is under a lethal strike as streaming services and rising ticket prices have caused alarmingly low box-office numbers. HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and countless pirate movie sites dominate most of the movie enthusiasts population today.

However, if you are an avid moviegoer, you know that nothing compares to watching a movie at the cinema. Here are the five reasons why movie-watchers should prefer the cinema where they can watch new and exciting movies.

The Big Screen

There is something special about watching vigorous storytelling on a 90 feet screen, especially when it takes the best out of the format it is played on. Just imagine seeing the hyperspace of Star Trek: Enterprise or the thrill of the chase in Fast and Furious on the big screen.

It’s hard to think that someone would prefer going to a dark theater and staring into a huge white sheet to watching their favorite movie on the 50 inch TV in the comfort of their home. However, the cinema has a unique ability to sweep you away as you get pulled into the special atmosphere it offers. Vivid colors and the arousing sound of the movie will make you emotionally engaged in a way you couldn’t ever possibly feel while sitting on your couch at home.


When you’re watching a movie at home, there are just too many distractions. It can be anything, from loud family members to a dog that is constantly barking at the neighbor’s cat. Even the most passionate fans can’t give their undivided attention to their favorite movie when there are so many things running through their mind. In the cinema, you can fully concentrate on the movie as all you have is your reserved seat, popcorns, and the long-awaited movie.

A Massive Speaker System

Nowadays, most people have great sound systems, but they are no match to the ones at the cinema. Horror movies in particular benefit from top-notch movie theater sound systems because you can hear the heavy breathing and blood-curdling screams as if you are on the spot. Hearing a catchy song playing loudly in the opening credits can be fun as well.

A Romantic Date

Although it may seem like a cliché, picking the movies for your first date actually works. It’s a great chance to enjoy some intimacy with your special person, distraction-free. Many of us aren’t big on going to the movies while on the first meetup, because you can’t speak with your date. Then again, you can hang out and enjoy a good flick with your companion. Just remember, first dates are what you make them to be.

Ticket Stubs

You’ll be surprised by how many people collect ticket snubs. To walk down memory lane and see what movies you watched can bring back some good memories. Going to the movies with your friends creates unforgettable memories, and they can be cherished through a ticket stub.  

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