Is There a New David Lynch Movie on the Way?

Everyone loves to see a good movie, though not all movies are great, and even when a director has a solid track record, their movies can sometimes suck or rather, be less than what the people expected them to be. In the case of David Lynch, few are the movies which you could consider bad or anything other than a masterpiece, the only one coming to mind immediately being Dune from 1984. 

David Lynch has had quite an interesting career and everyone is hoping that we will be seeing a new Lynch movie. David Lynch is said to have a new movie on the way. What’s the story with that? Is it a new movie or a new TV show? Let’s take a closer look.

David Lynch and Netflix

Everyone loves a bit of Netflix and chill, especially after a long day’s work.

Supposedly, Lynch was to release a project on Netlfix. The name of the project was Wisteria and Unrecorded Night. The show was supposed to have 13 episodes in a single season and a huge budget of 85 million US dollars. 

However, given that it’s already 2022, the project is still in the works, or rather, it has been postponed and some think, canceled. This is problematic, as everyone was hoping to see a TV show by David Lynch who is a master at creating anything cinematic. He was supposed to write and direct the show.

A Potential Movie?

There were also rumors that David Lynch was working on a project, a movie, if you will. The movie was supposed to star Naomi Watts and Laura Dern, and the movie was supposed to be released at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. 

However, Lynch came out and said that he didn’t have a movie ready for the festival and that there wili be no movie, and that the press was simply spreading rumors. It remains to be seen whether that is true, but as far as we know, there shouldn’t be a new Lynch movie unless we just actually see it.

What Has Lynch Been Doing Recently?

Lynch has been basically chilling and doing online videos, what he calls Weather Reports. He has been uploading content on his site and on Facebook and various other social media, with the goal of sharing his vision and interacting with the world. 

Other than that, there are no new movies or TV shows on his list, at least if we are to believe the famous director. The media loves to speculate and everyone would love a new Lynch movie, but as far as we know, nothing new is on the horizon. 

Everyone would love to see a new Lynch movie or TV show but as of yet, there is no actual news about the topic, other than rumors. 

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